When We Last Spoke  &  What Lies Ahead

 by Marci Henna

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Welcome to Fireside, Texas--where no strangers are known!  We are the home of the free and the brave and everlasting polite persons.  We never take the last cookie and never eat beets, but thank the hostess for them anyway.

With the heart and humor of Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes and Rebecca Wells’s Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, author Marci Henna introduces you to the Cranbournes—a mostly lovable and undoubtedly nutty family who’ve had more than their fair share of hard times.

Born in Austin, Texas, Marci Henna has a natural talent for weaving a great story out of everyday life. Stories of heartache, joy, and personal growth mark the pages of every book.

Everyone knows by now that the novel, When We Last Spoke, has been made into a movie with two special nation-wide theatrical release dates: October 27 and October 29! You can view the trailer and other videos by mashing on the poster pic!

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When We Last Spoke book cover and link to the book on Amazon
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News from Fireside, the friendliest town this side of Heaven!

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Fireside, Texas is a fictional location set in the Hill Country near Austin.  Welcome to this quirky small town filled with hot gossip, Station KOFF broadcasts, dancing, 1960's music, down-home Southern cooking, laughter, and a few tears.  Meet Juliet and Evangeline, two sisters who are raised by Ruby and Walt, grandparents whose love is legendary. The first book in the Fireside, Texas novel series, When We Last Spoke, has been made into a film and screening nationwide in October!  Please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy your visit to Fireside.  We're glad you're here!

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