July 1,  2020
When We Last Spoke theatrical release dates in October announced; tap here to be notified when tickets are available.

Official movie website:www.whenwelastspokemovie.com.

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December 7 ,  2020
 When We Last Spoke receives four nominations for the  ICVM Crown Award!

November ,  2020
When We Last Spoke is 5-star rated and number one on ChristianCinema.com!

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When We Last Spoke movie postcard
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August 25,  2020
When We Last Spoke author Marci Henna is interviewed on KSHP AM1400 ; tap here to hear!

TIP: Once on the KSHP page, you may need to scroll down; just look for Marci!) >>> 

October 27 - 31,  2020
When We Last Spoke screens in theaters nationwide. 

Official movie website:www.whenwelastspokemovie.com.

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April  2020
What Lies Ahead is an Official Selection of the Pulpwood Queens Book Club.

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Marci Henna's ​Fireside Telegraph

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October 18,  2020
Marci Henna is interviewed by Steve Brown, Etc. On KeyLife.org about the success of When We Last Spoke.

December 1 ,  2020
When We Last Spoke begins streaming on Amazon Prime!